Professional Wordpress hosting

when regular hosting services are not enough for you

When your Wordpress needs reliable, customized, fine-tuned hosting that meets your needs

Hosted Wordpress websites run on servers that we optimize for page uploading speed and security. Our Wordpress specialists and programmers are here to help you with any modifications, add-ons and changes that you may need on your website.

Call or write us and we will prepare hosting that is right for you.
Price starts at 10$ per month

Backup and security

Automatic website backup, including Wordpress files and databases. Backup is available for up to 180 days

HTTPS and SSL certificates, Let's Encrypt, automatically included in the price

Security setting already on the server to protect your Wordpress

Free migration

Transfer of your existing Wordpress website to our hosting for free

We will set up a suitable time, so that it least affects your visitors.

Transfer includes complete backup

Performance for your Wordpress website

The hosting is prepared for Wordpress and ensures flawless performance for Wordpress websites in its standard configuration

If your websites needs individual set up, following your consent, we will modify and set it up while ensuring maximum speed for visitors

Wordpress management and coding experts available

Do you need to modify, add-on or change something on your Wordpress website on a regular or occasional basis?

Our Wordpress specialists and programmers have deep knowledge about Wordpress CMS. We code plug-ins for Wordpress and modify templates.

Write to us if you need better hosting for your Wordpress