Quick and reliable e-shop

Customized e-shop solutions that provides the best shopping experience for your clients

Customized e-shop solutions based on individual needs

Provide the best shopping experience for your customers and increase your sales using custom e-shop solution

Quick and reliable code

A reliable solution built on a fast PHP Symfony code that we customize according to your needs. We include all the functionalities that an e-shop should have and link it with external systems.

E-shop management and further development

We provide continuous management, maintenance and modifications. Our programmer and online marketing specialists are here for you.

Not happy with you current e-shop? Contact us to find a solution.

Call or write us and we will solve it together

What you can expect

Reliable and extendable e-shop. The possibility to sell tangible and intangible products. Retail, wholesale, membership and reservation system solutions. Connection with payment portals, delivery services.

Automatic transfer of e-shop data to your internal system like accounting, internal CRM, ERP, logistics systems

Run your e-shop on fast hosting servers that are fine-tuned for your selling needs.

Management of your e-shop, continuous development and modifications, continuous support. Our reliable web programmers and administrators are here for you.

Online marketing for your e-shop. Support for your online marketing campaigns. Our online marketing and SEO specialists are here for you.

Data evaluation. Increasing of convertion rates. Improving the shopping experience.

Email marketing for e-shop. Regular email newsletters. Special mailings. Content writing, design styling.

Something not working as you want? We will solve it. We'll discusss your ideas together and prepare a plan to implement them the best way.

Example of custom e-shops

Sayyes eshop na míru
Sayyes E-shop 

Custom E-shop

Custom E-shop sayyes.cz

  • Sale of cosmetics
  • Sale of vouchers - virtual products
  • Unique vouchers for clients generated automatically
  • Easy administration for e-shop managers
  • Custom reports
  • Connection to external systems - accounting, payment gateway

Biketime Symfony app
Biketime s.r.o 

B2B wholesale system and online catalogue

Wholesale B2B E-shop Biketime.cz

  • Specialized e-shop just for B2B partners
  • MUltiple pricing levels for partner's groups
  • Connection to company interna accounting system (Pohoda)
  • Easy administration for e-shop managers
  • Public catalogue included

How we do it

We work with clients from different sectors so we gain plenty of experience that we then use in many projects. We aren't afraid of any new request.

1 Analysis

  • analysis and specifications
  • graphic design
  • UX design

2 Development

  • web applications
  • process automatization
  • customized software
  • smart devices

3 Support

  • technical support
  • further development
  • monitoring and server management
  • cloud a hosting

Contact us to discuss how to prepare an e-shop solution that best works for you.